James Willoughby's 27th Birthday

15 March 2007

A lot of fun, I've had about 3 hours sleep, but had to send these off before crashing... Loved the "elmo piniata massacre".. poor little guy, then of course Jimmy was walking around using him as a puppet.. Niki (and her belly) did stacks on Aidan.. and spilt his beer.. a pool comp with money on the table (aidan was rapt to win)... and stay tuned for the video pics of Jimmy dancing.. this is now also available on utube..... wonder how many hits we will get hehe. Everyone had a ball, nursed a few sore heads this morning though! :)

Please note the following photos do contain images that may be distressing for children under the age of 10... such as Elmo copping an absolute flogging and Jimmy trying to dance.. hehe.... Melanie Duff