Amanda's Big Adventure

WEEK TWO   - a visit to the local marina and more about the shopping!!!  Also a new apartment.


What a lovely bunch of turnips                                                                      I didn't know IT was THAT big



March 2006


On Monday 14 March Amanda Roach departed from Brisbane for an overnight stop in Tokyo and then on to Heathrow and Ireland to visit with Kris, a friend from Ireland who had been to Oz a few years ago and invited her over for a great adventure.  Leaving behind hundreds of unhappy and miserable Australians who will miss her, she embraced this new challenge in her life.

We hope to be able to chronicle this great adventure, so come back often and see what new photos she has sent and what adventures she gets up to!!!

Off to places green to celebrate St Patrick's Day -


Amanda's favourite pubs - so far!!!

Okay, I must say that I'm a little disppointed......Northern Ireland apparently don't really celebrate St Patrick's Day at all!! Apparently it's mainly Southern Ireland (which I can understand - I don't have a problem with) but there wasn't even a parade or anything like that in the (smallish) town where I'm now based.  Apparently there were a few things on in Belfast and Dublin but we didn't make itto either of them!!  Plus the weather was damn right miserable (surprise, surprise!)

BUT all was NOT lost.  We got out and about nevertheless!  The first pub that we went into was called Fealty's (photos attached of the inside of the pub - there's all different currencies on the wall - apparently Kris and his Dad frequent it quite often.  It was as quiet as hell!!  But very small and quaint!  Especially for St Paddy's Day they had REAL turf/grass layed out on the INSIDE floor - obviously only the Irish would think of something as stupid as THAT!!  Hee hee!!  I even had dregs of a beer - not that I touch beer at all - I had a shandy in a HUGE pint glass with "XXXX" embedded on the outside!!  Unbelievable!!  NOT that XXXX is even Aussie owned anymore but the Irish still think that it is, so I just played along with it!  Ha ha!! 

The thing that I love about these pubs is that everybody knows everybody!!  LOL.....then Kris and I went to another one just up the street!!  We met people that Kris hadn't seen for years and we had an absolutely brilliant time!!   There were 3 guys!!  Kris gets all excited when introducing me to everybody which is cute!!  There was one guy named Jason - he and I got along like a house on fire - management even told us both to shut up at one stage LOL - that's when Kris buried his head and pretended NOT to know either of us - lovely that is - isn't it??  Then there was another guy named Shaun then last but NOT least there was Raymond - and when introduced I piped up with "Everybody loves Raymond"!!  Hee hee!!  I was apparenlty a HIT because I have "personality" - like we all didn't know that!

Amanda's favourite fella - so far!!! (Sorry Kris..)

All is looking good on the job front.  I got e-mailed a job that is situated in Belfast as a Sales Executive with a company car, mobile etc. - Niki - you will NEVER guess what it is - working for a Pest Control Company of all things)!!  Hee hee!!  I asked Kris what kind of "pests" they even have here - he replied that he has 2 sisters and one brother ha ha!!  At least I'd be semi-knowledgeable in THAT area!!